August 2016 Pillar Post

Pillar Posts – From Sierra Pacific Region Chairs

(Please read this as “Correspondence” at your next Business Meeting and email it to the Committee Chairs in your Club)

ShipMembership, Amory Elizondo, SPR Pillar Chair

Friends and Family–Untapped Prospects: As a current member, it’s up to you to take initiative, share the important information about your club, and ASK a friend or family member to join you at your next meeting. Chances are the people in your circle of family and friends share many of the same values you do

Augusts’ Membership Challenge: Chose one of the following….1. Form a Membership Committee; 2. Invite me to your next committee meeting or event; 3. Invite a family member to your next meeting. Submit your Challenge Report to Amory Elizondo ( by the end of August for your prize!


FundraisingFundraising, Barbara Giambastini, SPR Pillar Chair

Monthly Giving: A monthly gift of any amount provides an efficient and reliable source of funding for Soroptimist programs that change the lives of women around the world. It is the easiest way to give and ensure that Soroptimist receives your ongoing support. Become a monthly giver today, and ensure that Soroptimist programs will make a difference far into the future. When you join the Soroptimist Monthly Giving Program, you give hope each and every month to all the women still waiting to start living their dreams.


dibi-logo-high-resolutionProgram, Gail Dekreon, SPR Pillar Chair

Are you curious about how Dream It, Be It was developed? Read about the gap between girl power messaging and the real obstacles girls in our federation face.


PA.pngPublic Awareness, Kate McGuire, SPR Pillar Chair

Take some time at your next Business Meeting to evaluate your club’s ability to carry out effective public awareness functions. Let me know any ways the SPR Public Awareness team can help your Club strengthen your efforts

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