May 2017 Pillar Post

Pillar Posts ~ From Sierra Pacific Region Chairs

May 2017

(Please read as correspondence at your next business meeting & email to your club’s Committee Chairs.)

FUNDRAISING PILLAR POST by Barbara Giambastini, SPR Chair

As you are preparing for your 2017-2018 Club Year remember CLUB GIVING IS THE Untitled5.pngFUEL THAT FIRES OUR SOROPTIMIST PROGRAMS.  Has your club made Soroptimist their charity of choice? Has your club made the pledge to support the programs that change the lives of women    and girls enabling them to live their dreams? 


Tip of the Month: Lead the Way

SIA now has a new section on their website dedicated to leadership development! Untitled6.pngBecause our members look to their Club Presidents and Board for information, direction, and guidance, it’s very important to develop and implement effective leadership skills. Visit the website to find information on general leadership topics that include conflict resolution, meetings, and creating a healthy club atmosphere.

May Challenge: Chose from the following….

  1. Read the Section on Light a Fire: Add Glow to Your Meetings and watch the video
  2. Change things up and incorporate something new and fun for a club meeting
  3. Invite me to your next committee meeting or event

Submit report to Amory Elizondo ( for your prize!

PROGRAM PILLAR POST by Gail Dekreon, SPR Chair

Live Your Dream awards: Now is the perfect time to start recruiting applicants! Your club does not need to wait until the 2017-2018 club year to start sharing Live Your Dream lydAwards applications and fliers around town. You can use these helpful resources to ensure your club has eligible applicants by November: the application, a promotional flyer and tips for recruiting applicants. Go to the SIA website at and “click” on the “Soroptimist Live Your Dream Awards” button

PUBLIC AWARENESS PILLAR POST by Kate McGuire, SPR Chair & the Public Awareness Team


Have you seen the new Sierra Pacific Region website? It’s filled with all kinds of treasurers to help every committee and board position! We are especially proud tolaunch the new Website Tutorial which has step-by-step detailed instructions on how to start a new website. Whether you’re starting from scratch, or looking to revamp: our PA Website Development member, Leanne Davis, is ready and waiting for your questions!

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