February 2018 Pillar Post

Pillar Posts ~ From Sierra Pacific Region Chairs

February 2018

(Please read as correspondence at your next business meeting & email to your club’s Committee Chairs.)

FUNDRAISING  by Barbara Giambastini, SPR Chair

MONTHLY GIVING: A monthly gift provides an efficient and reliable source of funding Picture2.pngfor Soroptimist programs that change the lives of women and girls around the world.  When you join the Soroptimist Monthly Giving Program you will be helping all the women still waiting to Live Their Dreams.  Your gift of $25 can help buy text books for a woman or $50 can help her with childcare so she can attend class.  To join the monthly giving program go to https://www.soroptimist.org/members/fundraising/laurel-society-monthly-giving.html


Awesome Agendas In a recent survey, one of the top responses former members gave Picture1about why club meetings were not enjoyable was that the meetings were not productive. One way to help improve your own club meetings is to have an awesome agenda. Make sure to follow these steps: draft agenda, get feedback from members, think about your timing, give speakers a heads-up, provide agenda in advance, go by agenda at meeting.


  1. Use these techniques for your next business/board meetings.
  2. If you already use these steps, send me you next month’s agenda.
  3. Add a segment to your next agenda regarding sharing something personal between members. Ex: Go around and have each member say a recent achievement.

**Challenge completions will be added to your Shaping the Future Award application for 2018


PROGRAM PILLAR POST by Gail Dekreon, SPR Chair

#MotivationMonday is at SIA! Check out the SIA Facebook page each Monday—clubs will be featured that go above and beyond to deliver outstanding Dream Programs. Start your week off with some inspiring ideas for Dream It, Be It or the Live Your Dream Awards!


PUBLIC AWARENESS PILLAR POST by Joelle Leder-Rule, Kate McGuire, SPR Chair & Team

Picture4Remember to send your club’s event flyers to your District Director and Governor Tana for approval before posting or releasing them, and then post the flyer on your club’s Facebook (FB) page. Next share your JPG, PDF or WORD flyer with Joelle Leder-Rule at JoelleLeder@gmail.com so she can post it on our Sierra Pacific Region (SPR) FB page. You can also send your flyer directly to each club in the region and ask them to “like” your event on your FB page and share your event on their FB pages.

Speaking of “likes”—our SPR FB page has 700 and is growing every day! It’s a great place to stay connected with the SPR region.  Keep in mind that our goal is to encourage all the clubs to like everyone else’s pages and increase each clubs ‘likes’. So, give everyone some love and ‘Like” the pages! 

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