Dream Big Campaign

Dream Big Campaign Soroptimist

Soroptimist is working towards the future of women and girls with our Dream Big Campaign, the goal of which is to raise $15M to reach our Big Goal of investing in the dreams of a half million women and girls through access to education.

We believe in the power of dreaming big.

That’s why we’ve set a goal through our Dream Big Campaign of investing in the dreams of half a million women and girls.

That’s four times the number of women and girls we currently reach.

It’s a big, audacious goal. But no more audacious than the courage and resolve of the women and girls our Dream Programs will impact.

Each woman and girl we help has a story. Each has a dream.

They dream of achieving success on their own terms. They dream of raising healthy families and giving back to their communities. They dream of a day when violence and inequality will no longer stand in their way.

You can make dreams come true for women and girls.

Your support for the Dream Big Campaign provides critical funds for the expansion, delivery, and sustainability of our Dream Programs for decades to come—benefitting more women and girls year after year.

Our Dream Programs include:

Live Your Dream Awards: Education and Training Awards for Women

Dream It, Be It: Career Support for Girls

Want to help us Dream Big? Ask about Membership in your area or donate to our campaigns.

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