Public Awareness

2018-2020 Region Public Awareness Pillar: Joelle Leder-Rule

Welcome Club Public Awareness Chairs! If you’re new to this club function, we’ll try to help you get the most public awareness (PA) you can for you club. You now have the benefit of a PA team that will be available via email or telephone in three categories: Traditional Media, Social Media, and Website Development and Management.

Your PA team can help you build a media list, write a press release, write and post items to your Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram, and create a new design or learn how to update or make changes to your website.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Start your new year as public awareness pillar by asking your program, membership and fund-raising counterparts what they’ll need from you to make their efforts successful and when. Then mark your calendar and give yourself enough time to get the word out about each project.
  • It’s that time to update your websites with your latest calendar, board, and photos of your club! Need help to make the best of your current website? Contact:
  • Social Media Tip ~ Brand new year, brand new ideas for your social media journey towards more exposure for your club.  Having an easy transition is key to making your social media campaign flawless.  Review usernames and passwords and also take a moment to write down how many ‘likes’ your Facebook page or other social media has currently.  We will reference back to that number in the future.  Need help? Contact: Joelle Leder at or

Hashtag tip ~ For Social Media Posts ~ hashtag examples would be ~ #Soroptimist #SierraPacificRegion #SoroptimistInternational. Also make one up for your club ~ ie:  #SoroptimistofTheSierras #SoroptimistSanFrancisco

2018-2020 Public Awareness Committee:

Joelle Leder-Rule, SI The Sierras – Public Awareness Pillar and social media manager

Lupe GarciaSI San Francisco – Region Website manager

Chris Carroll, SI Atwater – club website builder/refresh current websites

Pam Taylor/Susie Bubencek, SI Merced -Region Newsletter Editors