January 2017 Pillar Post

Pillar Posts ~ From Sierra Pacific Region Chairs

January 2017

(Please read as correspondence at your next business meeting & email to your club’s Committee Chairs.)

FUNDRAISING PILLAR POST by Barbara Giambastini, SPR Chair

fAs Soroptimists, we dream of a future where domestic violence no longer exists, where all girls have access to a great education, and gender inequality is but a distant memory. These are big dreams, but I know that working together as Soroptimists, each of us doing our part to support our federation’s life-changing programs, we can make these dreams become a reality starting                                                      in 2017.


Tip of the Month: There’s always a positive!

m.jpgIf you are unfortunately losing a member, consider asking them to complete the Resigning Member Questionnaire. It’s another great tool to use in evaluating your club in addition to the Assessment Survey. Always keep in mind you may be able to invite them back to your club if their reason for leaving has changed. You will find a Sample Letter to Former Members and the Resigning Questionnaire on the SIA website under Membership Retention at http://www.soroptimist.org/members/membership/retention.html

January Challenge: Chose from the following….

  1. Invite a former member back for a meeting
  2. Invite me to your next committee meeting or event
  3. Send me a picture bio on your newest member (extra point if you send a picture with it)

Submit report to Amory Elizondo (spmembership@soroptimist.net) for your prize!

PROGRAM PILLAR POST by Gail Dekreon, SPR Chairp.jpg

This past year, 8,634 girls participated in Dream It, Be It. Soroptimist clubs contributed 24,825 volunteer hours (27% increase from 2014-2015) and $264,579 (107% increase from 2014-2015) in support of local Dream It, Be It projects. That is incredible! See what Dream It, Be It meant to girl participants in the global impact report: http://www.soroptimist.org/…/engli…/dibi-progress-report.pdf

PUBLIC AWARENESS PILLAR POST by Kate McGuire, SPR Chair/Leanne Davis/Joelle Leder

Itpa.jpg’s January and we’re on the down hill side of our FY 2016-17 public awareness plans. Have you met all your goals so far? Are you on track to meet those that remain? If not, take a few moments to reset and get your club more involved, especially in social media where you will educate and hopefully inspire younger potential members about how you achieve the Soroptimist mission.

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