September 2017 Pillar Post

Pillar Posts ~ From Sierra Pacific Region Chairs

September 2017

(Please read as correspondence at your next business meeting & email to your club’s Committee Chairs.) 

FUNDRAISING PILLAR POST by Barbara Giambastini, SPR Chair

SPR Pillar Posts - September 2017xHas your club made the pledge to support the programs that educate, empower and enable women and girls to live their dreams?



Tip of the Month: Strength Lies in Differences Not Similarities

Organizations with different lifestyles and backgrounds tend to challenge each otherSPR Pillar Posts - September 2017x2.jpgmore creating breakthroughs and causing an increase in problem solving. Having an inclusive environment makes people feel valued and respected which has a significant impact on retention. Those that openly articulate values of inclusion appeal to a wider variety of donors and potential members.


September Challenge: Chose from the following and submit to Amory @

  1. Send one new idea you’ve used or thought of using in Membership (it will be shared at District Meeting).
  2. Have your newest member bring a friend to the next club meeting.
  3. Have a member send me a short story on how they’ve felt inclusivity in your club. 

**Challenge completions will be added to your Shaping the Future Award application for 2018

PROGRAM PILLAR POST by Gail Dekreon, SPR Chair

SPR Pillar Posts - September 2017x3Why is it important that we focus on impact through our Dream Programs? To secure the future of Soroptimist and the impact we have on women and girls we need to be better known for our work. This increased recognition will bring us more members, supporters and funders which will allow us to reach more women and girls. So, we must be clear about our focus so others can understand how we are improving the lives of women and girls and the impact that has, not only on their lives, but in the world…and then the other folks will come “on board” to help or join Soroptimist!

 PUBLIC AWARENESS PILLAR POST by Kate McGuire, SPR Chair & the Public Awareness Team

Speaker meetings are a great opportunity to extend your public awareness efforts. Not SPR Pillar Posts - September 2017x4.jpgonly will you let your community know what you’re doing, you may attract potential new members. Sending out press releases for all your activities, including speaker meetings, will give you a consistent presence in the news. Your speakers will likely appreciate the free publicity, too!

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